iPhone Wallpaper – Stripes Collection

iPhone Striped Wallpaper

With the iOS 4 upgrade on the iPhone allowing wallpapers to be used on the home screen (for 3GS and 4.. if you have a 2G or 3G read this)…

Christmas RSS Icon Photoshop Shapes

Just in time for the holidays (omg!) and of course in the spirit of Christmas giving 😉 I have created a few more Photoshop RSS Icon shapes in the theme…

Multi-Color RSS Icons

I had to create a single colored rss icon the other day for a client and it actually turned out pretty well! So I thought I’d go ahead and make…

Adobe Inspired Social Icons

Adobe style icons

I ♥ Adobe and I ♥ Social Media! 😀 And to the point, I made a few Adobe inspired social icons! I have included sizes 128×128, 64×64, 32×32, and 16×16…

RSS Feed Icon Photoshop Shapes

So the brainiac that I am, every time I made a feed icon I would make it from scratch. Doh! Ate my Wheaties and decided to make some Photoshop shapes to simplify the process… So here they are, random rss icon shapes for Photoshop.

I heart free icons!

Smashing Magazine does it again with their latest post… free icons for everyone!

Font Viewer

I could not live without this tool! Font Viewer allows you to view all of your font families with their various styles. Indispensable design tool!

Spice up your site with these super yummy mini-pixel icons!

Recently I was working on a new project ( and needed a few new icons. In my search I came across all kinds of icon goodies! Here is what I found…