Create Word Art at Wordle

Like tag clouds? Then check out this site! Wordle.net is a seriously cool online app that lets you choose between an rss feed or url, your delicious tags, or just a bunch of your own words to create a fully customizable “Word Cloud” to use in any way you like under the Creative Commons Attribution license. (Read the faqs) At a loss for words? :) There are plenty of “wordles” you can browse through and use as you wish under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

8 fonts you probably don’t use in css, but should

Great reminder! I myself am totally guilty of using just a select few "typical" fonts such as arial and Georgia. This article is an excellent reminder of those "forgotten" fonts! Thank you 3.7crea.tv!

Font Viewer

I could not live without this tool! Font Viewer allows you to view all of your font families with their various styles. Indispensable design tool!