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Finally… a re-design!

After trying to design a logo for myself I decided this site needed a bit of a facelift! So here it is, a brand new design that I hope inspires…

My Favorite Firefox Add-ons

It’s no secret that I <3 Firefox! One of the greatest aspects of Firefox is the ability to install add-ons to do just about anything and everything a browser can do. As a web designer this functionality is extremely useful to me. I have been able to turn my browser into the ultimate web design assistant that does everything from validate my css to tell me the hex number of a color on the web. So here is a list of my favorite Firefox add-ons…

Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is definitely hard work! But if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be a good one (i.e. make a living), it can be both financially rewarding and fun! Here are a few articles, links, and tools to help you along on your freelancing journey…

101 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

I came across this article from Vandelay Design (I love that name Laughing) and thought I would share. It’s quite a list, from traditional text link advertising and pay per click ads to newer ideas such as rss feed monetization and job board advertising.

8 fonts you probably don’t use in css, but should

Great reminder! I myself am totally guilty of using just a select few "typical" fonts such as arial and Georgia. This article is an excellent reminder of those "forgotten" fonts! Thank you 3.7crea.tv!

UserVoice – what do your user’s really want?

Recently I have been “entering contests” at 99designs.com and I came across this super helpful tool for gathering feedback from your website users.


Browser Compatibility Tools

Browser compatibility is just one of the many factors that must be taken into consideration when building a web site. Not everyone has the same screen size or resolution, and the different browsers available for people to view the web vary considerably when it comes to displaying web content. Here are a few tools I have found to help with browser compatibility issues.

Spice up your site with these super yummy mini-pixel icons!

Recently I was working on a new project (josieg182.com) and needed a few new icons. In my search I came across all kinds of icon goodies! Here is what I found…

Smashing Magazine – 50 Designers x 6 Questions

I love this article posted by Smashing Magazine. Far too often people underestimate the extent of knowledge, patience, and time it takes to design a site that not only looks…

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