Dead Pixels or that tiny black spot on your lcd screen that won’t go away…

What a pain! A tiny black spot on the bottom right corner of my screen that my eyes are automatically drawn to :( So I went on a hunt to track down exactly what is going on and how it might be fixed!

The Culprit

Dead Pixels – A dead pixel is a defective pixel that remains unlit. Dead pixels are usually best seen against a white background. – Wikipedia

Stuck Pixels – A stuck pixel will usually be most visible against a black background, where it will appear red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, or yellow, although stuck red, green, or blue pixels are most common. Each pixel on an LC monitor is composed of three subpixels, one red, one green, and one blue, which produce the visible color of the pixel by their relative brightness. A stuck pixel results from a manufacturing defect, which leaves one or more of these sub-pixels permanently turned on or off. – Wikipedia

Stuck versus Dead Pixels – Stuck pixels are often incorrectly referred to as dead pixels, which have a similar appearance. In a dead pixel, all three sub-pixels are permanently off, producing a permanently black pixel. Dead pixels can result from similar manufacturing anomalies as stuck pixels, but may also occur from a non-functioning transistor resulting in complete lack of power to the pixel. Dead pixels are much less likely to correct themselves over time or repaired through any of several popular methods.

Stuck pixels, unlike dead pixels, have been reported to disappear, and there are several popular methods purported to fix them, such as gently rubbing the screen (in an attempt to reset the pixel), cycling the color value of the stuck pixel rapidly (in other words, flashing bright colors on the screen,) or simply tolerating the stuck pixel until it disappears (which can take anywhere from a day to years.) While these methods can work on some stuck pixels others cannot be fixed by the above methods. Also some stuck pixels will reappear after being fixed if the screen is left off for several hours. – Wikipedia

Read more about typical manufacturers policies regarding dead pixels.

So I have a dead pixel :( but I am going to try these simple fixes just in case it can be revived…

  • JScreenFix -The JScreenFix Java applet helps fix stuck pixels and image persistence on LCD screens and reduces burn-in on plasma screens. The applet runs safely inside a web browser, does not require installation and works with Windows, Linux and Mac computers. JScreenFix repairs most stuck pixels in under 20 minutes, and mild screen burn-in within 12 hours. The applet will run from the site it does not have to be downloaded.
  • – This site has an easy way to help fix a stuck pixel, simply drag the graphic to your dead pixel and let it stay there for about 1 hour. The graphic will try to massage the dead pixel back alive again by getting it to change rapidly. It has been reported to work many times but it doesn’t work for all dead pixels. Full Screen option available.
  • UDPixel – This program helps to locate and fix LCD screens dead pixels. You can fix the stuck pixels by calling them to do rapid changes. You need to run this program for a couple of hours. There is no warranty on the result, but you don’t really have anything to lose by trying it out.
  • Wikihow – If your LCD screen has a stuck or dead pixel (a point on the screen that is always lit or always dark), it is usually due to a transistor malfunction or uneven distribution of liquid in the liquid crystal display (TFT LCD). This can often be fixed with these simple steps. –> Full list of tips at