Problems with Firefox? You might need a new profile

Okay, so I want to begin by stating that I am absolutely loyal to Firefox and would never ever speak against it, but occasionally as with any relationship, there are a few “glitches”… I believe these occasional “glitches” to be solely related to the recent upgrade to Firefox 3 due to the fact that I did not experience these problems with previous versions. (I am basically using all the same add-ons just new versions which further points to the upgrade to 3 being the problem…)

  • Glitches include:
  • Crashing on close or restart – whenever an add-on update is applied and Firefox wants a restart or when closing the browser with many tabs open, I get the crash error message with option to send the info to Mozilla. I always do, they need that information!
  • Some sites just don’t work: Since installing the current version of Firefox (v3.0.1) I have visited two different sites that just don’t work in Firefox! Dare I say it, they did work in IE 7. What is that about?

So I tweeted about my issues and was replied to almost immediately by firefox_answers. (a definite follow for Firefox users who Twitter)

firefox_answers told me that I needed to create a new Firefox profile. (Your Firefox profile is a folder full of files that sits on your hard drive that contains all of your personal information such as passwords, preferences, viewing history, add-on preferences, etc.) I have to be honest, when I first looked at the instructions, I was tempted to just deal with my issues 😛 but after doing it, it really wasn’t that time consuming. So not taking away from Firefox, here are the links in order of what you should do to create, delete, or rename your Firefox profile.

To be honest, this did not fix my problem however I am not willing to disable ANY of my add-ons as I use every one of them and being that my add-ons are probably the cause, I will just continue to submit my crashes to Mozilla and install updates and maybe one of these days my issues go away… But if your add-ons aren’t that important to you or you are willing to take the time to enable each individual add-on to find the problem (i have way to many add-ons to do this) then this will probably fix any issues you may have with Firefox. Just follow the instructions on the Recovering important data from an old Firefox profile link. Good luck!