So, you want a Myspace profile?

It seems that everyone has a Myspace profile these days… (I am no exception) but for those of you who haven’t yet created one but want to, I have put together a few resources to pimp out your new Myspace profile in no time using all of the cool stuff you see on other people’s profiles!

Find all things for myspace

Put your pictures here!

If you want to put your own pictures or banners on your profile there are several ways to do it. Here are a few of them:

  • Photobucket – This is where I host my pictures for Myspace! You get a gig of free space to store pictures, videos, avatars, & icons. Photobucket provides you the ability to edit your images, create slideshows, design avatars, or start a scrapbook with your pictures and videos!
  • – No limit image hosting! At you can create slideshows and guest books, personalize your images with stickers and graffiti, skin your youtube videos with cool designs like sparkling bling plasma screens, and Superpoke your friends!

Create cool text!

Add a little creativity to your profile with these flashy text generators:

  • Glitter – Create all types of glitter text with this cool tool from Glitterfly
  • Upside Down – Flip your text upside down at this site
  • Rainbow – Need some color? Create rainbow text with this generator

Design your Profile!

A few of my favorite sites to get a pre-made profile layouts, design your own profile layout, get codes to hide areas of your profile such as your comments or friends, find character codes and more:

  • – Here at, we help guide you through the steps of customizing your Myspace Profile. We provide easy to use Myspace Generators, and take you step by step in our Myspace Tutorials. You can add myspace cursors, myspace graphics, myspace games, myspace clocks, myspace layouts and tons more with our premade Myspace ready Copy and Paste Codes. *My favorite site for Myspace stuff!
  • Glitterfly – Custom glitter graphics for myspace. Find all sorts of glitter graphics or glitter your own photos!
  • Pyzam – Myspace Layouts from pYzam come in tons of great categories. Our Myspace layouts are always free and easy to use! Try our Hott Myspace Layouts, Cute Myspace Layouts, Basketball Myspace Layouts, or anything from our massive layout collection! You can even request a Myspace layout to be made by pYzam.
  • LoveMyFlash – Tons of Flash layouts designed by professionals for Myspace profiles
  • – Fine all kinds of layouts including div layouts.

Add the cool stuff!

Here are the sites to find all of the cool widgets and toys for Myspace:

  • – TONS of flash toys & generators including mp3 players, lava lamps, countdown generators and more!
  • Bulletin Comment Box – create a bulletin comment box for your profile. Perfect to use if you hid the comments on your profile but and still want to receive your comments.
  • – Get all sorts of cool flash programs and games including the earth clock.
  • – Here are all of those quizzes you see on everyone’s profiles
  • – Find pretty much everything for Myspace at this site including layouts, div layouts, graphics, generators, codes, icons, and more!

After you have created your new Myspace profile, friend me on myspace!