Easy code snippets for posting bulletins on Myspace

Here are a few easy html code snippets to add to any bulletin you post in myspace. (Works for blogs and profile designs too!)

Add Images

  • If you want to add an image insert the following code remembering to change the url to your image’s url. The border can be any number with zero being no border and 9 being a thick border. Photobucket is a great place to host photos for your Myspace, Facebook, ebay and more!
<img src="http://www.yourimageurlhere.com" border="0" />

Add Links

  • Add a link with the following code:
<a href="http://www.urlyourlinkingto.com">text you're linking</a>
  • Add a link that opens in a separate tab or window with this code:
<a href="http://www.urlyourlinkingto.com" target="_blank">
text you're linking</a>

Color, size, & style your fonts

  • There are hundreds of colors you can use to color your text. You can either use a name such as red or blue (here is a safe list of color names) or you can use a hex code which looks like this –> #333333 (Colourlovers has an awesome list of hex codes with examples.)
<font color=red(or #FF0000)>text you want red</font>
  • If you want to make your text larger or smaller you can do it with the following code (for the size you can use numbers 1-7, with 1 being smaller and 7 being very large)
<font size=2>text you want a normal size</font>
  • Make your text bold with this code:
<b>your bold text here</b> or <strong>your bold text here</strong>
  • Use this code to make your text italic:
<em>your italic text here</em>

Random Snippets

  • To create a space between sentences, pictures, videos, etc.:
<br />
  • If you want to center something (and this works for anything text, pictures, videos, anything)
<center>what you want centered</center>
  • Create a paragraph:
<p>your paragraph</p>
  • You can align your paragraph too:
<p align="right, left, or center">your paragraph</p>