Cool Tools

Need an online generator… for anything?

If you don’t know about Smashing Magazine you should! Get to know ’em by checking out this HUGE list of online generators courtesy of Smash Mag!!

Top 10 Tools to Get Blogging Done

10 tools and tricks by those expert bloggers at Lifehacker and a few of my own as well…

UserVoice – what do your user’s really want?

Recently I have been “entering contests” at and I came across this super helpful tool for gathering feedback from your website users.

Font Viewer

I could not live without this tool! Font Viewer allows you to view all of your font families with their various styles. Indispensable design tool!

Browser Compatibility Tools

Browser compatibility is just one of the many factors that must be taken into consideration when building a web site. Not everyone has the same screen size or resolution, and the different browsers available for people to view the web vary considerably when it comes to displaying web content. Here are a few tools I have found to help with browser compatibility issues.