Browser Compatibility Tools

Browser compatibility is just one of the many factors that must be taken into consideration when building a web site. Not everyone has the same screen size or resolution, and the different browsers available for people to view the web vary considerably when it comes to displaying web content. One of the first things you need to do when planning for a site is to find out who will be viewing your site. What are the most common browsers they are using? Are they using larger desktop screens or widescreen laptop displays? (Using Google Analytics is a great way to find out the specs on who is viewing your site.) Here are a few tools I have found to help with browser compatibility issues.

  • Download the latest browsers – is a great place to download all the latest browsers for testing your web site.
  • – THE place to find all sorts of tools to deal with browser compatibility issues. There are resources to help you design a compatible site, viewers to help you view your site in different situations, as well as help with search engine optimization… all free!
  • – this site allows you to test your site in many different browsers including linux, mac OS, and bsd.
  • Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer – View any page as any (previous) browser