Emoticons and WordPress

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An emoticon is a textual portrayal of a writer’s mood or facial expression. They are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. Early emoticons go back to the 1800s and commonly arose when casual/humorous writing was common. The emoticons on the Internet can largely be traced back to a proposal by Scott Fahlman in a message of 19 September 1982.

Emoticons in WordPress

There’s a default set of emoticons that come with every install of wordpress and are located in the folder wp-includesimagessmilies. Before they will show in your blog posts, the emoticons must first be enabled within the admin panel located under Settings → Writing. Make sure the box “Convert emoticons” is checked.

Style your emoticons

You can style the emoticons using the following image class:


For example, remove the border around the emoticon and give it some space by adding the following code to your stylesheet:

img.wp-smiley { border: 0; padding: 0 2px; }

Use your emoticons

The following chart is the text/code needed to produce the corresponding smiley/emoticon. :mrgreen:

View source (or copy-able text 😉 )

Change your emoticons

So enough fun with the boring ol’ default emoticons, you can change them to anything you want! There are a couple ways to do this.. Personally, I prefer to just change them out myself rather than use yet another plugin 😉 But there are plugins that will do it as well.

If you want to change out the default emoticons yourself, first backup the original ones! All you have to do is replace the old emoticons with your new ones making sure to name the new ones the same name as the corresponding default ones. Be sure and keep copies of the emoticons you are using because they will be replaced if you upgrade your blog automatically via plugin or admin panel on version 2.7 and up.

WordPress Emoticon Plugins
  • If you would rather use a plugin to do change them, here are a few that I found:
  • Tango Smileys Extended – disables the built-in WordPress smileys and extends the number of available smileys from 18 to 202.
  • Smilies Themer – allows you to use smilies (emoticons) themes (or packs) to replace the wordpress default ones
  • Smiley Switcher – With this plugin you can choose a smiley pack from the settings / options in admin or simply choose your own smiley pack directory.
Download New Emoticons
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